Intermittent ESC Telemetry

I’m currently in the middle of trying to ESC telemetry to log. I’ve been able to log ESC telemetry on a single boot. On the next AV power up, the ESC telemetry inexplicably stopped logging. No params were changed. Same firmware on AP and ESC. When I did have good ESC telem, all of the ESC logging was offset by 1.
ESC2 = Motor 1
ESC3 = Motor 2
ESC4 = Motor 3
ESC5 = Motor 4

On the next power cycle, ESC and motor numbers matched but the ESC telem failed to log.

Attaching screenshots of both “Read Setups” from BLHeli Suite for both pass and fail for ESC logging. Parameter file attached as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Read Setup ESC Logging Failed

ESC Telem_Passthrough Final.param (17.3 KB)