Instead of RTL why not crash now option?

My drone has had several crashes when RTL was invoked and the sat count was low so it just flew away. Why can’t the APM have a crash now option instead of RTL, or smash to earth option so I at least know I can pick up the pieces nearby!

If the sat count is low, the copter will land

How well does your copter fly in alt hold or loiter. Post a log as it seems you have other issues effecting auto modes. (Also some info on your copter and FW versions help)

I’m a noob and always fly in stabilize mode, this forum wont let me post attachments. But included is a link to the log.As well as the KMZ file which shows the quad crashing into a tree then shows a line where the drone is planning on returning to my house a mile away which people also say isn’t possible.