Installing WAF to Biuld from GitHub source code

I am exploring contributing to expand the functionality with Bebop 2. I am a windows developer with many many years working wit C, C++, Java, Typescript and so on, and all of this UNIX stuff is killing me.

As recommended here, I am Building ArduPilot on Windows with Bash.

Followed the instructions there, and successfully built apm1 using make. SO FAR SO GOOD.

Now, for Bebop 2, the documentation on GitHub Building ArduPilot, provides instructions o how to build using WAF, which was not installed with the additional tools from the first page I reference above.

I am looking for instructions to install WAF.

I followed the instructions in the main WAF Site and in the WAF book, and neither can be verified and installed.

Please help!

Found a solution . Had to rename waf-1.9.7 to WAF, and then chmod 755 waf, and then alias waf=$PWD/waf

You shouldn’t install waf, we have our own waf submodule. You can use ./waf which on first run will initialize the submodule. On subsequent runs it will redirect your command-line arguments to the real waf program.

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Your quick reply was very instrumental in finding a solution to several issues.

Right now I am using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (BUW), from within BUW cloned the ardupilot GIT to a mounted windows folder, and made an alias to waf-light there so I can run your included version of waf, and then I’ll get started developing on Eclipse on windows and continue making the project under BUW

I tested configuring different boards and making copter for each seems to be running with no error messages.

I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon on something else…

Again, Many Thanks!


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