Installing plane to BBBlue

Hello all, Had some Firmware install questions.

so following this

it has me install “ardupilot-copter-blue” what is this it almost seems to be the firmware?

as far as installing the latest plane, in the other thread it was mentioned that we should use the main branch now, so does this mean that I should not use the precompiled build from ?

if I use the main branch and download and make it on the blue should I make it for hardware bbmini?

to sum it all up/ cliff note it, or to ask my question that is making me ask all these other questions,

What is the best way for me to get the latest plane build on a Beaglebone Blue?

@Z9G6 hello
In the instruction above, @mirkix refers to this wiki: you can read the steps to install manually the ArduPlane on the BBBlue.

In order to install on the blue, you substitute:
./waf configure --board=bbbmini
./waf configure --board=blue

And this will create the binaries in ardupilot under /build/blue/bin

More information on WAF here:

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Any reason not to use rt kernel 4.9 instead of 4.4 ?
And how about using the ArduPlane-stable when checking it out of git instead of 3.7.1?
And lastly, how about debian 9 on the beaglebone?

I built it with all the above except using arduplane 3.8.2-dev by mistake and it booted fine and I could connect and it seemed ok, I am trying stable tag now.


So it seems to work fine building it this way ( on aws t2.medium running ubuntu 16.04 lts)

apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
git clone
cd ardupilot
yes Yes | ./Tools/scripts/
git checkout ArduPlane-stable
git submodule update --init --recursive
./waf configure --board=blue
./waf plane

and running it on a BBBlue running Debian 9 Kernel beaglebone 4.9.47-bone-rt-r7

I can connect fine but not sure if there is something behind the scenes that may cause issues.

Actually can not use the 3.7.1 cause it does not have board blue setup in the waf build until 3.8.X.
So assuming I am safe to use stable, guess big question is debian 9 and rt kernel 4.9 ok or go back to debian 8 and rt kernel 4.4?

It seems to be ok, just make sure that everything works perfectly and go trough a complete preflight check.

Might check processor load by looking at “top” command. It should be less than 40%