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Insta360 with pixhawk

(Muhammad Ali) #1

hey there, (1). I want to know that how can i attach Insta360 with Pixhawk quad-copter?
(2). Can i get live 360 video from Insta360 through video telemetry?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Marc Dornan) #2

You cannot get live video out other than through your camera WiFi link to your smartphone.

(Muhammad Ali) #3

I’m currently getting live video through video telemetry of FPV camera, just wanted to know that can i change my camera to Insta360

(Marc Dornan) #4

Sadly no practical way to do this yet that I know.

(RickyG) #5

When you say telemetry do you mean OSD

(Muhammad Ali) #6

by telemetry i mean this module.

(RickyG) #7

I guess I am trying to understand what you mean by this.Live video telemetry of the FPV camera… sorry just trying to understand it.