Inquiries about receiving GPS

It’s a situation where you have to fly in a certain area for a wind tunnel test.
For the wind tunnel test, it is necessary to hover with the controller turned off, but the GPS environment is not good, so drones cannot hover and move around.
In this environment, I wonder what parameters need to be modified to enable hovering in place.
The current version is 4.3.0.

Optical Flow with Lidar will hold position.

Currently, Lidar is equipped with an LW20C.
Do I have to install a sensor for Optical Flow separately instead of LW20C Lidar?
Or, is Optical Flow possible in LW20C Lidar?

You need an optical flow sensor and Lidar.

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I wonder if there is a way to modify it with parameters other than installing the optical flow sensor.

How would that work? Optical flow sensors are cameras…