In ZigZig Mode Vehicle does not properly follow Terrain

When trying out the zigzag mode with a downward facing rangefinder, I noticed the following:

The quad does not follow the terrain during flights between zigzag points (aux. switch is down or up). During “manual” flight in zigzag mode (aux switch in mid position) terrain following works fine.

The graphics should make this clear:

At point A, in zigzag mode, the auxillary switch was briefly moved down und then back in middle position (see logfilegraph) to define one ende of the “zigzag baseline”. When flying to point B to define the other end, terrain following works fine. At point B, the other end of the “zigzag baseline” was determined by briefly moving up the aux. switch and then moved back in middle position. Flying to point B1 in “manual” zigzag mode (that means auxillary switch is in middle postion), terrain following works also fine.

But switching auxillary swithch down at B1 to let the vehicle fly to point A1, the aircraft remains at the same barometric height instead of sinking according to the terrain. This could be annoying if the terrain height increases. I suspect it is a bug

Copter-4.0.1-rc2 / Pixracer


Have you solved your problem because I am currently experiencing the same problem ?

Thank you

Hi chr89,

i haven’t found a solution so far, but due to time, to rainy weather conditions and now pandemic reasons, i haven’t followed it up yet.

Hi Rolf,

Ok and do you have the same problem in Auto Mod ?

Hello, I can answer this question, in AUTO, GUIDED, ZIGZAG mode, rangefinder does not work, you want to work in these modes, modify the parameters EK2_ALT_SOURCE =1, in fact ZIGZAG mode is not very useful, I like automatic mode way point flight spray!