In-Flight Mag Failure, only y-axis on RM3100

I had a in-flight failure of my new RM3100 compass from Drotek, but only on the y-axis so I think its no wireing issue.

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In the Log you can see 3 compasses on my system with folowing priority:
1.) RM3100 external
2.) IST8310 external, embedded in M9N GPS Modul from Holybro
3.) IST8310 internal, embedded in Pixhawk4 from Holybro

Did anyone experienced simlar issues?
I think the RM3100 compass had an internal defect on the y-axis, what do you think?


We had an 3100 from drotek fail just 1 axis after a light crash. Has your mag ever been crashed? Even a light crash?

No crash, the sensor is new.
I instlled it on a new HexaCopter, it was the fifth flight.

Than i don’t know, we lost 2 of them after light crashes, third one has been working for countless hours.

Mybe is just a DOA, contact drotek and see if they’ll change it.

I also have RM3100 working in parallel with LIS3MDL. While doing calibration it is very difficult to. While the LIS3MDL completes its calibration, RM3100 is still in the half way of process bar, and most of the time, it is failed and I have to do it again (mostly failed 3 out of 4 calibration).

RM3100 is almost immuned to noise/magetic source that affected the LIS3MDL heavily but calibration is the pain.
Any tricks to make it easier?


I have had many problems with Droteck’s RM3100 and never had any answers from support. Stopped working without crashing.
After some interesting gps purchased with the RM3100 was a very bad experience especially for the lack of assistance.