In Flight compass calibration

Can someone please explain how to use the onboard compass calibration feature for Arduplane? We are about to build a 4.5 meter large plane and doing the traditinoal compass calibration method is not possible.

I know arduplane has the capability of doing an onboard calibration in flight, however, there is still no documentation on how to properly do this.

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at least not e seen, if there is some form of calibration in flight. Calibrates the compass out of the model, places the APM and the compass in another model that can manipulate and then place it on the plane. The only thing seen in flight and is the trim auto and auto tune.


As of 3.4.0 the automatic compass calibration was added that can be done in flight like on the 3DR Solo. However, there is no documentation on how to use it.

From the 3.4.0 release:

"On-board compass calibrator

We also have a new on-board compass calibrator, which also adds calibration for soft iron effects, allowing for much more accurate compass calibration. Support for starting the compass calibration in the
various ground stations is still under development, but it looks like this will be a big improvement to compass calibration."

Does anyone have an update on this new feature. Cant find any documentation.

i would appreciate an update here as well. how does it work, how can it be activated…?

where does the developers answer? does anyone know here how it works?