IMU2, IMU3 missing from bin log, and VIBE.x is strange

This is observed on two Solo’s upgraded to 4.1.1:

Otherwise things look “normal” , but the VIBE is very odd…
Where did the IMU2 and IMU3 go ?

APM Planner does not understand instance numbers

X, Y, Z-axis vibrations in VIBE[1], and VIBE[2] are all zero. So the X, Y, Z-axis vibration values in VIBE[0] jump in and out to zero.

Please update to ArduCopter 4.1.3 . The version you are using is outdated.

@amilcarlucas - will do right away, this was just the last flight review before updating.
@andyp1per - of course !, yo unailed it I’ve seen MAVProxy graph also struggling with autocomplete not revealing the indexes, be it sensors or individual cell voltages.