IMU Difference between 4.0.7 AND 4.2.2

Hi all ,
I’m using cube orange and the firmware was 4.0.7 , when i use to check the vibe level it shows only one X,Y,Z values later i upgraded to 4.2.2 if i check the vibe it shows three different X,Y,Z which is 0,1,2

NO:1 Why its showing three vibe values in 4.2.2 and one vibe values in 4.0.7
NO:2 How the Vibe values are used in 4.2.2?

     my guess is can be two method either one fails it use other (or) chose the best 

my guess may be wrong but willing to learn from my mistakes thanks in advance for educating me

Cube orange has 3 IMUs (0,1,2), each IMU has an X,Y,Z axis.

Thanks for your reply amilcarlucas but why v4.0.7 shows one X,Y,Z vibe value and V4.2.2 shows 3 values ?

Because 4.0.7 only displayed the values of one of the IMUs.