Improper stick movement

::: RESOLVED :::

Needed to adjust the outputs with the RCMAP command in Full Parameters.

Mission Planner 1.3.68
Arduplane 3.9.8
Matek F405 Wing Flight Controller
TBS Crossfire (Full Sized)
TBS Crossfire Micro V2 Rx
Taranis X9D Plus

I have my TBS Micro V2 (CH1) connected to SBUS (on the flight controller) and CH3 connected to R3 (on the flight controller) and CH4 connected to T3 (on the flight controller). I followed this video to setup,

The issue I am having is when I move my throttle (on the Taranis, mode 1) stick, in Mission Planner the Roll moves, when I move the pitch stick (on the Taranis), in Mission Planner the throttle moves. when I move the Aileron (on the Taranis) stick, in Mission Planner the the pitch moves.

So I am bound, but unsure why or how to correct the outputs to the corresponding sticks.

Any insight appreciated.

By setting the right SERVOn_FUNCTION parameter, you should be able to map the outputs to the desired actions.

you can do it in ArduPilot

or change the mixers in the Taranis, no real advantage either way

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This did not work. I was unable to get the channels and stick to properly respond.

Utilizing the RCMAP function resolved the issue.