Impossible to connect compass to APM 2.6

APM planner 2.0.0
APM 2.6
3DR uBlox external compass

When I try to choose compass in mandatory setup/compass, the choice APM with 3DR compass is present but does not give acces to “roll 180°”.

The question is : Why ?

Test is OK for GPS

Hi Lagaffe,

Checked with APM 2.0.0 RC5 and it’s working.

Thank you,
I did not completely go through initialisation of APM because I have no data link yet.
It may be the reason.
I let you know when I receive this item.

Found 3DR-Ublox file there:

After loading tests with APM Planner gives
Inf GPS received OK
But compass init failed

APM Planner will not recognize Compass

See file “test.jpg”