Importing maps of various formats in Mission Planner

Hello Everybody. Similar topics have been discussed previously however I was still unable to solve my issue.

My requirement is as follows: Prior to flight, If I’m given a map of various formats such as TIFF, DTED or SRTM, I should be able to import that into Mission Planner. I’m aware that Mission planner primarily accepts only SHP or KML files.

I know very little about GIS and I’ve tried various conversion methods via QGIS such as Polygonize, etc to convert these into shapefiles but had no luck. I’ve also attempted saving a geotiff file in the SRTM fiolder of Mission Planner but achieved no output.

Any help regarding this issue would be great.

EDIT : Just Reinstalled Mission Planner and now I’m unable to even find the SRTM folder. Even when I display hidden folders and files it’s missing. Any workaround for this?