I2C Bus Is No Longer Working... Voltage Spike? LOG FILE INCL

Hey Guys,
We were running a mission today and the plane was flying fine. After the mission ended we flew around a bit longer and during the part of the flight I received a Compass Error then GPS Data error on the ground Station.

After landing we are noticing nothing is working on the I2C bus even if we plug-in individual components directly to the I2C port on the plane.

After reviewing the logs there is a “flag power_status_t” where it jumps up at the same time as the loss of GPS, Airspeed, ect.

What happened? Here is a download link to the file. It is to big to upload. Thanks.



Correct link: www.birdsiproductions.com/ftp/i2c_loss.tlog

What appears to have happened was the 5v power coming off the i2c bus is dead. We used a multimeter and checked the voltage and it was reading 0.