I want to write a code according to arducopter

I’m interested in quadcopter for nealy a year.And I want to write a code to control it.I’ve been read arducopter.pde for days and I roughly know loop is the main function it takes while fast_loop is dealing with attitude control and schdule dealing with the rest work such as the gcs,gps and so on.
Arducopter code is used for APM.Now I want to use a different singlechip and I want to transplant the code to my own board.Does anybody know how I should start doing my job.I would be appraciate it.

I don’t want to discourage you too much but porting the ArduCopter code to another board is a big job. I have heard of one fellow who is a tremendously experienced coder who pulled it off in only 6 months. Unless you are a true wiz with object oriented programming and know the processor you’d be porting to like the back of your hand you don’t stand a chance. What is it about any of the supported hardware platforms you don’t like?

In case I haven’t discouraged you enough, the trick is modifying the hardware abstraction layer (hal). You can start looking in the AP_HAL_* family of libraries.