I want to mount my cube 2.1 upside down and the front at the back

Hi every one I want to mount my Cube 2.1 upside down and the front at the back,think it should be roll 180 and yaw 180 can not see A setting for this do I just have to do custom setting’s,many thank’s in advance

Just stand on your head Marty…that would be easier. lol

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Ile do tha t but then I will be totally confused dot com,it would make life easier me thinks im trying to sqeeze to many gadgets into my 7 inch quad

hahaha time for a bigger quad Marty. Size does matter.

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It sure does Ricky that’s what the nun said to the priest lol

Maybe I’m not thinking through this clearly, but is roll 180 + yaw 180 the same thing as pitch 180?

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Yea you could be right,pitch 180 degree puts it upside down and Yaw 180 puts it back to front thank you so much I was looking at doing it with roll im a silly scotsman thats my excuse never saw the pitch at all ive awarded you the double gold star

Dont think I need Yaw dumpling of the night I am

You describing exactly how the Cube is mounted in the 3DR solo. The correct answer is indeed Pitch 180. Parameter AHRS_ORIENTATION = 12.


Just FYI we have a wiki page her re setting the orientation: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-mounting-the-flight-controller.html. No troubles is asking though, because there are a lot of options and it might not always be obvious which of the options corresponds to what you’re looking for.


may I thank every one for helping me,have a good day,Marty.