I think I am having a config issue

I have downloaded Mission Planner 1.3.74 build. When I connect to the software it comes up saying I have a quadrotor and I really have a Hexcoptor - not sure what that is about.

I went through the setup and config tabs and the led is flashing yellow - it comes up saying DISARMED when I select the DATA tab on the screen.

I am a newbie, I just started about a month ago.
Any help is very appreciated. Thank You in advance

Then you haven’t set the FRAME_CLASS parameter to Hexa. Do so and re-boot (cycle the power).

Start here: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/configuring-hardware.html

Hi ,

I’m going to wait till tomorrow to do it because of a big storm front taking place right now.

Please for the Love of Mike take the props off ASAP. just a few settings and a few parameter changes should have you all set to try to test the motors !! But please make sure you have the props off

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Once you reset the frame class you still have a few tests in MP to make to be sure all is ready for outdoor test , you can do these while its storming so your ready my friend.

And don’t skip the Initial Tuning Parameters. Alt>A plug-in in Mission Planner. These are PRE Maiden flight parameters.

Hi John, Dave and Admin,

I was able to get everything done without the props being mounted. Right now MP is seeing 6 motors, but I am not able to engage the motors from my radio, I was able to calibrate my radio through MP with no problem. Trying to see what I might have missed. Quick question is how many links are you supposed to see via the GPS ?

Again Thank You all for your input

Attached your parameter file. You don’t need any GPS Sats to run the Motor Test in Mission planner which is what you should be doing to test the motors.

Hi Dave,

Where in the MP folder would it be located ?

Setup>Optional Hardware>Motor Test
Read this:

Hi Dave,

TK for the link, will go through it after my interview today.

Hi Dave,

I went through everything 3 times and re-ran Setup>Optional Hardware>Motor Test each time and none of the motors would run and each time

I selected a motor to test there were 6 beeps and nothing would take place. I also attached the current log file.

Thank You for your help with this.

(Attachment MissionPlanner.log.4 is missing)

Hi Dave,

I renamed the log file

(Attachment MissionPlanner.gol.4 is missing)

There is nothing attached.

Hi Dave,

Add .log to the end - I had to rename the file without .log on it.

(Attachment MissionPlanner is missing)

Still nothing is attached.

I know it is keeping me from attaching the file in my email.

Save the parameter file from Mission Planner’s Full Parameter screen and use the Upload button and attach it. It’s that simple.

Like this:
Testing.param (22.0 KB)

Hi Dave,

I have attached the file

MissionPlanner.param (1000 KB)