I need help with 3dr solo with opensolo

I installed opensolo on my solo and on the controller now the 3dr solo simulation app on ipad don’t work like is how it works.

  1. I boot up the controller And i wait for the controller to send the wifi out and i go to get on the wifi from the controller. on my iPad. that work fine. This my problem. When open the 3dr solo simulation app it say fly in the app. So I hold the fly button on the controller. But nothing happened

The simulation has never been tested or used with Open Solo. It is unlikely you’re doing anything wrong. It’s probably not going to work since a lot of things changed with the buttons. The simulation app is likely looking for button events that no longer exist. Since the simulation app is a 3DR product that only 3DR can manage, it is not likely to ever be updated or released. Sorry.

Ok is a way keep open solo but put all the buttons back like them was i like opensolo because I think it help with batterys with 3dr solo firmware when I charge the controller it doesn’t show a full charge on the controller screen. But now it do with opensolo. And I think I had a long fly with batterys on solo with opensolo. But had some problems with the buttons like now the a button say fly manual I don’t what that I what like was. before. Because i have Cerebral palsy i have a good hand and bad hand I can’t hold the joystick with my bad hand i only fly was GPS. And I what try Smart Shots, and something happened with home button on the controller. With opensolo with 3dr solo firmware click home button on controller it fly to me. But now with opensolo when I click on home button 1 time it fly up. I. Got so worried because was going up and up so high i click the home button again at time it come back to me?

Nothing you described has changed and all of that is still configurable in the app. You can change the A & B button assignments in the app. You can change return home altitude in the app too. If you’re asking these questions, I strongly suggest you read over the manual for the Solo which explains everything.