I need help/ i purchase a used iris

i have not a clue on this type of software, but doing some reading…but got the bug…i want to fly…

so first of many questions

how can i restore board or iris to out of box software/ or firmware, and also can the radio be altered or set back to factory, i would like to start there, the guy i bought from says he has 3 and he might have change parameters ??? so can it go back to out of box state

and if this is posible, can some one show me how…thanks

i dont know if i can plug iris in to usb to pc, or am i just using wirless link

i think he sold it cause the wireless link did not work any more, i watch 10 youtube vids and some searching on how to reboot the 2 3dr radios tx and rx so they can talk to each other again…so no it works…but please dont ask me ho i did it…it happened by accident, al i know is i finally disconnected the one in the iris from pixhawk and did a firmware restart. but i did a few other things, thats why i dont know what worked…but it does now…

so any help would be great…and if you could point me towards videos would be great…cause reading gives me a headache…LOL

if anyone needs a screenshot of any info on MP or photos of radio menu…(if i can figure out how to open it) i can get it…jus let me know

thanks to all for any help

Just use Mission Planner to load the latest ArduCopter software. Then you can load the factory default params from the full parameter list:

ok a bad day, i reset params to iris and had on nexus 7, did not load any waypoints or anything…thought i would see what it does,

so go to take off and it flips head over heels instead of take off…WTF

the i try again in grass…she starts to hover and then goes nuts, out of control…up down up down throttle all over the place…then flips and hits fence…i was only 5 feet off the ground, the thing had a mind of its own…the only light damage i see is scratches and blades are scuffed and one looks like a slight bend…so i figured bad blades now…

so what happened…why did the iris do this, and i looked at nexus and there was a orange squiggly line all over the area it was…was there something alredy program in it…

i need help bad

not as easy as guy that sold it said…some thing is not right

i need help bad