I cant under stand whats happening


I have calibrated esc nd accel.Plz help

It’s looking a bit top heavy, but still should be stable.

Without a log file from the FC and only providing a few seconds of video, not many people will be able to help with more than conjecture.

Log files are essential if you want help on flight problems.

Have you done all the other calibrations?
What motors?

Try hanging the battery underneath and see how you go.

Almost looks like it is in a non stabilized flight mode, like “Acro”

Thats a possibility, but without a flight log, we are only guessing.

Ok i will get that today

Have you calibrate the sensors properly? And also check RC calibration are within the limit ( min 1100, Middle 1500, Max 1900).

How shall i calibrate sensors…board in apm 2.8…from the beginning i am getting bad compass health…dont know how to calibrate barometer and gyro

There are several YouTube videos which gives nice description to set a APM board. I will prefer Painless 360 video series among all of them, just search on YouTube for it. Bad compass health will be disappeared when you calibrate the compass properly. Avoid magnetic interference like long wires carrying current while calibrating the compass. Your uploaded video shows you r flying in door, I would say try to fly in open sky and away from large buildings, iron wires etc. those can interfere with compass.


I havent added an compass to the apm…do i need it? Another thing don i need an gps to?

APM board comes with compass inbuilt (some Chinese cheap are not). Check yours. Connect u r board with Mission Planner, to check. It is strongly recommended to mount the compass away from ESC DC wires, that creates magnetic fields. That is why The GPS (with compass) mounted with a stand away from the flight controller. If u want to use the inbuilt compass of APM, then u need to shield the DC wires with some sort of magnetic shield material (mu metal foil) or at least twist the DC wires. Without compass the flight will be very unstable, and hard to fly.

mission planner does not take a singel input while calibrating compass

Have u modified the APM board? Pulled any jumper to disable the internal compass? If not then your APM may not have any compass. (some 2.8) don’t have a compass. Then you can buy a ublox M8N or similar GPS with compass module. U can contact me @ 9339897882