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I can't make the V2450GPS fly again

(Geissler Paúl) #1

Hello everyone, I can’t get V2450GPS to fly again, after doing a firmware update the drone only turns on three of the four engines and does not rise from the floor even though it has the left stick all the way up. In the video you can see how it does not rise and in the control the green and red lights begin to blink.

(Joe Dennis) #2

That is a bad motor on rear right hand prop , check the plastic drive gear and pinion are not damaged as well . You could also open up the SV and check wires for damage and plug is not lose from board. If all those look fine then it’s definitely a burnt out motor , brushed motors have a 5 hr total life run time. But I have had several motors fail with much less then that . Especially if the motor was ever stalled . Hair sized brush in motor burns quick

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #3

Replacement motors might be available on SkyRocket website (was out of stock last time i tried to buy some) or even on ebay.
I believe they are a lot cheaper directly from SkyRocket.
If you get from ebay, just make sure you get the ones with the right connector or you’ll have to solder, figure out the right cables and buy an extra connector piece. Also, make sure you get the right orientation (cw or ccw) or you’ll run into the same “problem” (solder, figure out wires).

(Geissler Paúl) #4

Obrigado Luiz… Do you know if SkyRocket website ships to Brazil?

( .) #5

Their website says
" We are currently only shipping to Canada and the Continental US. If you are outside of these countries please check with your local hobby shop or online retailers for replacement parts.

Batteries cannot be shipped outside of the Continental 48 States and Canada. Orders are only shipped via ground shipping."

(Luiz Felippe Ozorio) #6

I am Brazilian but I’ve been living in the US for 5 years now so I wouldn’t know…
You shouldn’t have a problem getting shipped from ebay… I don’t think, i bought many things from ebay when I lived in Brazil. You could also try mercadolivre (was very good back in the day, with lots of rc supplies) if you’re comfortable soldering, there motors with the same specifications you could use.

(Saijin_Naib) #8

Hit up Benedikt at MicroMotorWarehouse. He’s incredibly helpful and I found his motors to be of excellent quality when I used them in my various Dromida drones.

(Satoru Sasaki) #9

I recommend MicroMotorWarehouse, too. A bit expensive but well documented. Racestar 8520 is also good. When getting cheaper motor, make sure you can identify motor rotation direction. (CW and CCW). Most seem to share same wire color to identify.
This post shows how to replace motor.

(Geissler Paúl) #10

Thanks Luiz… I am living in Brazil since last year… I’ll look in Mercado Livre