I can't increase speed in auto mode, help!

Hello guys, I hope everyone is well. I have a problem and I can’t solve it unfortunately. I can’t increase the speed of the quad in auto mode. I downloaded the beta final version as there is a chance to increase the tilt angle. I also made the fft notch settings. I set the waypoint speed to 20 m/s. I set max_angle to 75. but unfortunately it doesn’t. I can’t go over 7m/s. my hardware:

cuav nano v5 FC,
little bee spring esc, emax rs2306 2750 kv engine,
cuav neo3 pro gnss gps.
frame 250mm.

Quad flies great in manual flight, I can give the speed I want, but as I said, when I switch to auto mode, it becomes very cumbersome. I’m putting the log and bin files of the manual flight and the bin file of the auto mod below. I will be grateful to anyone who knows how to fix this.

Hi Andromeda, Increase WPNAV_JERK to be something like 10 m/s/s.

I’m playing around with this parameter but note that the Wiki has the wrong units for jerk. It’s change in acceleration ( m/s3) right?

Correct, I am asking for it to be fixed.

Just for everybody here JERK defines how quickly the aircraft achieves the acceleration. If you use lower values you will find your corners are really nice and round but you don’t roll and pitch as aggressively. Higher values will be more aggressive but corners will be sharper.

Hi dear Leonard, thanks for your reply. today I’m going to apply this setting you mentioned and some of the settings dear Dave told me earlier. I will post the results here.

Hi again dear Leonard, I did what you and Dave said today, because the field is a bit small, I made a short test flight with 15 m/s and the speed almost doubled compared to the previous flights. I’m very happy, I will try to increase the speed in a wider area in the coming days. Thank you so much to you and Dave.

You can set it fast in a small area safely. The beauty of S-Curve navigation is that it will follow the track you give it and obey all limits. So if you set it to 100m/s it will simply get up to as fast as it can and still slow down in time, just like it did before.