I can't control simulated vehicle from mavproxy

I have problem with control of simulated vehicle. I run SITL by:
dronekit-sitl copter --home=-35.363261, 149.165230, 584,353 , next I create :
mavproxy --master=tcp: --out=udpout: --out=udpout: --out=udpout: and I can connect to port 14549 by Mission Planner. When I try change mode from mavproxy nothing happens. From mission planner it works.

The second problem I have is that I can’t run SITL of Solo’s drone code. When I type :
dronekit-sitl solo-1.2.0 --home=-35.363261, 149.165230, 584,353
simulation doesn’t start but in the console I see : ‘home should be lat,lng,alt,hdg’

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong ?

Hi, have you solved this problem? Thanks.