I can't activate the sony a6000 camera with pixhawk orange and foxtech trigger cable

Hello, I have a trigger cable from https://www.foxtechfpv.com/shutter-release-control-cable-for-sony-camera.html and it cannot activate the sony a6000 camera with pixhawk orange I do not know if I have an error in the connection , I am using auxiliary port 1, or the parameters and the cable does not work for this function

Try to hook up the cable to a servo tester or RC receiver and see if it works. If it does, you need to revisit setting up the aux1 port, but if it does not contact Foxtech for faulty hardware.

Do you have 5volts supply to the trigger unit? The Cube servo connectors do not normally supply 5 volts and you would have to connect a BEC to the servo +v and 0v to power anything.

I replaced the cable but now I have another problem, the camera does not stop shutting, it shoots many times and it does not stop.