I cannot login into raspberry pi

i cannot login into raspberry pi, i have entered username ‘pi’ and password ‘raspberry’ but it wont let me log in. The image that i have uploaded in the pi is the latest APsync image, i think there is a problem with the image.
can anyone please help me out, thankyou

did you try username: apsync with password: apsync ?
Pure guesswork here :slight_smile:

@haidermalicc There probably isn’t a root password set.

Either use sudo -s to get a root shell, or sudo passwd to set a password for root.

Also note that the most recent images use apsync/apsync for username/password :slight_smile:

HI Peter,

I flashed the latest Rpi apsync img from the repository but still could not login via username/password login: apsync/apsync. Pls help…

@haidermalicc cheicked your keyboard(azerty or qwerty) before to enter your password!