HUD No GPS problem

Hello everyone, MP 1.3.75, Cube Orange, Quadcopter Tarrot xs690, GPS Here3

After a hard landing, the GPS to be determined by the HUD: No GPS. A new calibration of the compass starts on the internal compass only. Here 3 is connect to CAN1.



Please tell me what could be the problem?

Have you set GPS_TYPE==9?
That is to GPS type as UAVCAN

Yes, it is. GPS connect to Cube CAN1 slot.

May be problem with pin ?

How to check if the connectors are correct?

That pin is broken, get a new one.

Good afternoon, I replaced the connector, updated the version here3 from 1.5 to 1.7.

… Rebooted the autopilot. After that, when turned on, the here3 diodes passed blue and went out. The system does not see here3 at all. in HW ID Here 3 is no. What can I do?

It has been a long time since i last used a canbus connection but i remember you have to enable canbus and driver on the port you are using.

The blue LED flash then nothing is symptomatic of there being no CAN communication, or you’ve got it plugged into the wrong socket.
Just follow the Here 3 manual to set the CAN parameters correctly.

Post your .param file if you need more help.

add 5-8 seconds boot delay which allows the here3 to initialize properly.

BRD_BOOT_DLY = 5 sec
Solid green, not detected Here3, … lost autopilot time for some reason

At first glance at your params I dont see anything wrong. It would be a connector or wiring issue then.

Flashing green after power-on Autopilot. After on-switch Safety is Blue flashing. May be reboot software?