How to write datalogs to SD card?


Could someone please point me to the docs that explain how to have datalogs automatically write to the SD card? I’ve found pages that explain how to access the logs but nothing that shows how to write to one. I’m using the Matek F405 Wing board. The build is super tight so the only way to physically access the card is complete disassembly(not ideal). Just want to make sure I’ve got this working before I slap it all back together. Thanks!


see for reference.
SD logging actually does not require any setup or attention beyond inserting a card.
logging will start once you‘ve armed your FC. alternatively you can log while disarmed too by setting LOG_DISARMED = 1

in case you can‘t conveniently access your matek405wing’s card slot once the board is seated in your airframe, you might opt to either download the files via USB or use an adapter for easier access to the card.


Thanks. Did a short test on the bench. Download via Mavlink worked fine in MP. I can access the USB port, just not the sd slot. Seems like this will work as is.