How to verify that second GPS is used when it reports more sats and better accuracy?

I am trying to see which GPS source is in the GCS map for the plane in Mission Planner. There is a white bar which shows nr of satellites in use. At the same time there are 2 GPS’s shown in the HUD display and satellite counts for both. However the white bar in the GCS map shows information of GPS1 even when GPS2 is better. In this case I have tried both - 1 (use best) and 3 (use second) in GPS_AUTO_SWITCH . After setting these configurations, I have rebooted the Cube and reconnected the Mission Planner, but the GPS 1 with its satellite count remains in the white bar of the GCS map. The only way I can get GPS2 satellite count to the GCS map white bar is to disable GPS1 by. e.g. selecting -1 in the protocol selection for serial3. So I am asking , should the selection of better GPS be displayed in the GCS map white bar already when configuring and restarting the system? Or is it only working during actual flight?

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In the flash log file there is a boolean value if the gps was used: GPSx.U so you can chart GPS.U and GPS2.U and watch which one was used.

Ok. Thanks. It is however strange, why the Mission Planner uses GPS1 for locating the plane in the GCS map view even when configuration says -“use second”. GPS2 is much more accurate as GPS1.
So the location is jumpy with GPS1, but quite stable if GPS1 is blocked by defining the -1 protocol as then GPS2 is used.