How to use takeoff/go-to MAV commands without GPS?

Hi All,

I have intel Aero drone and I want to control the drone and make specific movements depending on camera connected to drone. I want ,for example; to tell the drone to go up for specific heigh and go ahead for one meter and land again.

Could you please provide me with commands/parameters to do that? I tried something similar to
mav.mav.command_long_send(mav.target_system, mav.target_component,
mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF, 0, 0,
0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 3)

The drone kept going in horizontal line and go away and I was terrified until I dropped it down because it was going to 0,0 location and I do not want to use GPS.

Thank you.

i have tried doing this exact thing with my 3DR solo or Bebop2 running APM 3.4.* and neither works like this inside. From my experience and from reading others posts on the subject; once you are in a manual mode ( "altitude hold or “stabilized”) you can no longer send “takeoff” or “land” commands. You are entirely dependent upon the RC throttle controls for takeoff,landing, movement.
The parrot bebop2’s standard linux autopilot can accept takeoff commands inside without gps however once APM is installed I lose that ability. I’d love to hear other’s experience too.

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