How to use Soar mode correctly on the flight controller Pixhawk 4?

I have Pixhawk 4 with firmware 3.9.4. I realized that this SOAR_ENABLE mode is implemented for AUTO, FBWB or CRUISE. How to build a flight plan AUTO there is also necessary for waypoints to specify the altitude, and for the SOAR mode, I previously had to install SOAR_ALT_MIN and SOAR_ALT_CUTOFF here is unclear what to put in the waypoints in height, because there is no clarity as he plans to the next point. However, there is a calculation of the error of hitting the height on the waypoint, but this is also uncertainty. The Pixhawk itself includes a "throttle " If the plane reaches the SOAR_ALT_MIN height, so it is necessary to set the parameters for the motor max and minimum? However I think that it is not enough, it is not clear how will gain height, with what angle (pitch) What parameter to set on lifting? As for the planning is clear in the description says: The TECS needs to be set up to fly the aircraft at a consistent airspeed when gliding To achieve this, set TECS_SPDWEIGHT to 2.0, set SOAR_ENABLE to 1 and set SOAR_VSPEED to a large number, say 50.0. This means that the aircraft will glide but will never begin thermalling. Set SOAR_ALT_CUTOFF to an altitude you feel comfortable with. It should be high enough to allow a good length of time to be spent gliding. Launch the aircraft and put it in AUTO mode. It should climb to SOAR_ALT_CUTOFF and then begin a gliding descent. Watch the telemetry graphs or look at the Dataflash logs. Is the aircraft maintaining the demanded airspeed? The demanded airspeed can be seen in the Dataflash log as TECS.spdem, and via telemetry you can use NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT.aspd_error. You will probably need to increase PTCH2SRV_IMAX and TECS_INTEG_GAIN to achieve good airspeed tracking in gliding flight.How to use SOAR_ENABLE_CH A channel that includes the SOAR mode at what point should it be enabled?