How to use servo outputs 2-7 instead of 1-6 for my heli?

I’ve soldered header pins into servo 2-7 outputs on my Matek H743WING board, intending not to use S1 output because it’s remote from the others on the board. Having installed Arducopter heli and set ch6 as HeliRSC instead of the default ch8, my SERVOxx_FUNCTIONS at the moment are 33, 34, 35, 36, 0, 31 for SERVO01 to SERVO06 respectively. Am I right in thinking I simply need to move those numbers so that they apply to SERVO02 to SERVO07 respectively, and configure the unused SERVO01 as 0?

Yes. Assuming you’ve got all the output types right (ie: not mixing Dshot and PWM in the same groups) then it should be that easy.

That’s worked for me, thank you.