How to use rtl mode in the same direction as the nose before takeoff?

How to use rtl mode in the same direction as the nose before takeoff ?

In RTL mode, my plane wants to be in the direction of the nose before takeoff (the head direction is changed during flight). For example, the current head is 90 degrees, I want to open the RTL mode now. Is there any way to automatically change the head direction and return to the origin?

This is an old question, but has anyone figured this out? The only way I can do is to note the heading at launch and set a command yaw way point over the home then RTL, but that is not elegant.

You can set the yaw behaviour during missions and RTL, but you can`t specify an actual heading I´m affraid. If you are using RTL as part of a mission, just set a command yaw as you have described.

thank you Hoehenarbeit,

I was experimenting with the Simulation last night and if I set WP_YAW_behavior = 1 the drone seems to land in the same orientation it took off.

I have not tried an actual mission yet. I’ll try and report back.

I tried a short mission where I had the Hex pointing 70 degrees when armed and launched. TO to 2 meters, Commanded yaw to 180 degrees, loiter for 5 seconds then RTL. All with WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR = 1, and the Drone landed pointing at 70 degrees. So this seems to work.