How To Use OSD With Pixhawk2.1 Cube with Edison?

Hello Everyone,

According to the documentation that came with my Pixhawk2.1, the Edison module is internally connected to Telemetry port 2 and I’m using Telemetry port 1 with my RFD900+. My question is, how can I go about setting up an OSD which will need to use Telemetry port 2? I have an old 3DR MinimOSD module that I was going to use but I’m completely open to try something else. Also, does anyone know where I can find a cable to connect the MinimOSD to the Pixhawk2.1? I believe the new connections on the Pixhawk2.1 are JST-GH, so I assume a JST-GH to 0.1" header connector would suffice?

You can ‘T’ the Tx line from the PH2.1 (+grnd) to the MinimOSD and it works fine.

I have many setups like this and works without issue.

Thanks for the info! If I decide to remove the Edison to free up Telemetry port 2 do you know of a source where I can purchase a cable from the MinimOSD to the PH2.1? It does not appear this cable came with my PH2.1 and all I can find are cables for PH1.

Not off hand but there are plenty on eBay and the like.
Check the supplier page in the Aurdupilot Wiki.

I usually just make up my own cables as there is usually such a variety needed for any application or build.