How to use "hal.console->println( " some text goes here");

How do I setup debug output with this line of code.
I understand it comes out through the small terminal window in Mission Planner but I cannot get it to work.
I checked the small box in Help and rebooted.

Do I need to open a port somewhere first???

I am trying to output messages from steering.pde in APMrover2.


OK folks, I give up.
What in heck is the riddle to get messages out of the code.

Is there anyone out there reading this who actually knows how to make


I have tried a number of times and nothing appears. Missing something really hidden somewhere.
Please help!

I have found the solution from someone on the DIYDrones forum.

Easier than I thought: simply turn off MP and bring up a terminal program such as PuTTY.
Using the USB cable as the connection, I now see all of my hal.console->printf’s . Terrific ! :smiley:



I would like some more explanation on how you manage to see the hal.console messages .