How to use ESP-01 wifi module with Pixracer R15?

My mRo Pixracter R15 came with an ESP-01 wifi module. What can I use it for? I’ve downloaded the Mission Planner app onto my Android phone. Should it be able to connect to the R15 using the ESP-01. If so, how?

When I scan for wifi networks my phone shows me ‘Arducopter’, but when I try to log on to it, it asks for a password, which I don’t know. And there’s no ‘forgotten password’ option.

When I open MP on my phone I just get a blank screen with a blue bar across the top of it. No menu button, or any other button.

The password should be ardupilot (all in lower case). I’ve used it to connect to QGC on my iPad and I was pretty impressed with how well it works. I had at least 100m of unobstructed range with it, far more than I expected.

Thanks for your reply, and link, Allister. Reading through the link, it’s beginning to look like a bit too much of a hassle for the limited benefit it would give me.

I wouldn’t say that but it depends on your use case. I have them on most models. Very handy for configuration and calibration. But range is too short for in-flight telemetry and log download is slooooow. Still better than pesky BT radios!

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There is no real setup on the R15. Plug it in. Connect to the wifi. Open up QGC or MP. Done. They are already configured and mine work without doing any updates to the wifi board.

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And if you buy the ESP-01 modules on eBay or other for $3 it’s easy to flash them with an FTDI adapter or Arduino.

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Thanks for that advice Allister. I’ll try again this afternoon, using the correct password :grinning: It would be handy to be able to tweak the calibrations at the field.

I saw them on eBay, Dave, and the adapter cable costs more than the ESP-01 :roll_eyes: Anyway, sounds like I don’t need it, if I’m understanding Allistair correctly.

All is well, thank you. Things were complicated slightly by the fact that the ESP-01 shut down my phone’s WiFi capability when I tried to connect yesterday with the wrong password. Eventually a soft reset of the phone restored connectivity, and the correct password got the phone connected to my Pixracer. Android MP doesn’t connect though, maybe because I denied it access to my phone’s data, but Android QGC has connected.

Right, only if you either buy a new radio or one that comes with a clone Pixracer. But yes, FTDI adapters will cost as much as several of these cheap radios.

BTW-They work on IOS with QGC also. .