How to use channel 9 and 10 for gimbal control?

I would like to set my RC channel 9 and 10 respectively for tilt and roll of my gimbal
I can do it using the gimbal configuration tool of Mission Planner that allows me to select both the output RC and the input channel.

The problem is that it seems I can only select channels between 5 to 8…
And when I go in the advanced configuration menu and select “RCpassthru” option both RC9 and RC10 nothing happens in the PWM outputs… I also tried to cheat by selecting RC9 and 10 in the “Mount_roll” & tilt commands in the same menu, but still no effect…

Thank you very much for your help! I am stuck with 8 channels which is really limitating for my targeted application


What version of the firmware are you using. Some features are not available.


Hello I am using Arducopter 3.4 rc 4 and Mission Planner 1.3.40
Thanks for your help it would be really great to be able to use my 10 channels capabilities…

Please someone help :slight_smile:
I have tried defining RC9 and RC10 function to “mount_tilt” and “mount_roll” + CH9_OPT and CH10_OPT to the same parameters but nothing happens unless I change to CH6 to 8
I fear this is a limitation from ArduCopter
Does somebody have a clue on this?

Don’t think its a limitation of the software. It could be a limitation of how many channels you have to use.

Without knowing what type of gimbal you’re using it’s hard to say, but it possibly requires connecting the gimbal to computer using their bundled or downloaded software - how easily that’s done depends on if you’re lucky enough to get some decent instruction and hopefully the cable to connect it - with it.

I don’t have any experience with others, but on the Tarots the roll channel is a separate wire on the gimbal, and must also be connected to the FC.

For instance I just installed 2 Tarot 4D gimbals. Their instructions are horrid, their channel configuration makes no sense and you have to use channel 2 in their configuration software for Tilt - which corresponds to nothing on a (non-Tarot) flight controller and nothing on the gimbal itself. At least that I can figure out.
I came by that only by trying every channel, knowing I had my Pixhawk configured right.

Other than that…this specific config requires you to have an FC input channel used by radio slider and an output channel based on that - from the FC to your gimbal - for each axis - tilt - roll - pan.
So if you want tilt and roll, you’re going to need (2) Channels for input of (2) switches or controls, and (2) channels for output of the FC to the gimbal.

Assuming you’ve calibrated your radio and MP sees the switch / slider / pot you’re going to control with -
for Tilt - in MP, initial setup, optional hardware, Camera Gimbal - at the top choose channel 9, and servo (assuming it’s a servo type and isn’t one of the listed Gimbals in the drop down menu).
Directly beneath that, choose channel 6 for your input (or another if you’re using it,has to be 5, 6, 7 or 8).
This sets Pixhawk to be RC9 = 7/Tilt (assuming you used RC9). RC6 should be left at 0/ do nothing since it’s the input channel from your radio slider.
You’d then do the same for roll and/or pan.

Set your radio - the switch or slider or pot you’re going to control your gimbal tilt with as input 6 (meaning FC input 6).
Do the same - using different input channel mapped to radio switch for roll.

Hope it helps.