How to use ArduRover on a Pixhawk4 with Mission Planner?

I am having trouble setting up a Holybro PX4 (2020) with Mission Planner.

My set up isL Flysky FS-i6X TX with FS-iA6B RX - setup as PPM
PX4 with supplied PMB
Sabertooth 2x12 ESC

Running MissionPlanner 1.3.75 build 1.3.7883.2633 and ArduRover v4.1.0

It’s easier to describe what is working - I can see reaction to the RC joystick movement in the Setup => Mandatory Hardware => Radio Calibration.
I’ve tested the TX/RX setup and that’s working.

That’s it!

I don’t find the documentation very helpful as I’m a complete novice to the entire setup. Everything I try to setup in MP gives me an error message.

I’ve setup the Servo Output as per the documentation.

I think I have the various components hook up together correctly but would appreciate feedback.

Anyone got time to help me and explain this stuff or can point me in the direction of “An idiots guide …”

Many thanks for reading … Paul

Hi Paul. Have you made any headway with this?

No not yet.

I haven’t spent much time on it lately out of frustration. I have watching a number of youtube videos and considering buying one of the Cubes as there’s more info on setting them up then the version of the PX4 I have.

Are you chasing the same problem?