How to test camera trigging ?(no CH7_OPT like on Arducopter)

Arduplane 3.1.1

CAM_DURATION =2 (200ms)
CAM_TRIGG_TYPE =1 (relay)
RC7 is the channel that has a momentary switch on it for testing
RC7_FUNCTION = 10 (camera trigger)
RC7_MAX= 1906
RELAY_DEFAULT=53 (I expect a digital output on Pixhawk AUX4)

So far - I think RC7 acts as an servo output only, - it does not care for incoming RC chennel 7

  • I miss something like Arducopter’s CH7_OPT for trigging camera by a switch. (at least for testing)

how is camera testing supposed to work on arduplane ?

Hi, im testing this too.

Im trying to use the A10 port (or CH10, or CH7, im was used this two ports) to make photos with a IR Sled for a Canon camera but a i cannot testing or im doing something wrong.

How do you connect your camera?

Maybe others membres can help us with the test mode and connection.