How to stop the engines during takeoff after certain time?

Hey all,

I would like to introduce a time safety condition during the takeoff part in the AUTO mode, in APM:Plane 2.76

So, to clarify, i will just upload two way points (one takeoff, one landing). Then I will switch the APM to AUTO mode. So, it will start executing the first waypoint, which is the takeoff.

During that command (the takeoff), I would like to add a condition, if time since executing the takeoff command exceeds (say 15 sec) then put all engines off.

I just want to know where, in the code, do I have to modify/Add, to do such task?


Problem solved. I just to introduce a timer that starts to count once switched to the AUTO–> TAKEOFF.

If time exceeds the limit, then in the verify_takeoff() function put the engines off.