How to stop Tail rotor rotation when Helicopter armed?

Hello, everyone!

When I armed the APM (3.1.2 heli version), the Tail rotor could rotate very fast, I want stop tail rotor when I armed the helicopter.

My helicopter tail rotor type is “DirectDrive Fixedpitch”

I hope sombody help me!

It is appreciate that if you can give me some hints!

Because I could 't stop the tail rotor when I armed the A{M, so I want copy the 4 channel of function to the 7 channel of function, like 3 channel mixed 8channel in RC, and then output as same as the input, but the 7 channel output very low or very high when I changed the 4 channel slowly.

How to change it? which the MP paramaters will I change ?

Thanks for you help!

I Can’t help you with your DD tail problem. But, I would be very careful mixing channel three with eight. This could cause a crash in a failsafe situation.
David R. Boulanger

I think you are right!

But my helicopter have three servos, so I have to use the three channel to connect the servos, maybe I can use eight channel to connect the third servo.

Thanks David Boulanger give me some hints! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You should have no mixing at all in your transmitter.

David R. Boulanger

Thanks a lot, David R. Boulanger.

Could you give me a DD tail helicopter mannul about APM setting. I want study the DD tail in detail.

My email address" ".

Thank you very much.