How to stabilize drone during hover


i am new to drone, just built my very first one.
i am running the latest ardupilot ver and a PX mini.

so how can i stabilize my drone during hover, my drone will drift towards one direction. i tried re-calibration but it doesnt work. Do i need to tune my PID gains?

please help thanks.

In what mode does it drift? It’s often the case that users new to Arducopter don’t know which flight modes will drift and which are assisted to hold. A proper accelerometer and compass calibration is important.

And level horizon needs to be perfect.
If it still always drifts one way then it’s a mechanical problem, like motors not all aligned correctly.

it drifts in stabilize mode

Yes, it will drift in Stabilize mode. Normal, it’s not a position assisted mode just self leveling.