How to simulate my exact quadrotor and pixhawk in software

My example workflow goes like this -

I am given a waypoint file, I upload the file to my quadrotor, The quad flies the mission, I download the log file and calculate time taken, distance traveled, energy consumed and some other stuff from the log file using a python script, similar to this one -

The whole purpose of my work is to develop a path planning algorithm and i need some way to simulate flight characteristics for my exact drone along with how the FC will execute the given mission

Is there anyway to do the above mentioned work using simulation?

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You need to use system identification flight mode to build a mathematical model of your copter and then either change the simulation parameters and or change the simulation code.

Not an easy task. We did change some parameters in the simulation .json file and some of the SIM_* parameters and improved the accuracy, but it was not enough for us. So now we are doing the steps above and documenting it on the wiki. Stay tuned if you want to reproduce it.

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