How to simulate loss of GNSS during flight?

I am using RTK YAW, with no fallback to magnetometers.
For testing purposes:
How can I temporarily stop ArduCopter from using the incoming GNSS/NMEA data?
Is there a parameter that can inhibit GNSS data from being used midflight?

SIM_GPS_DISABLE should do the trick

@amilcarlucas Thank you, but I mean during real flight, not SIM.
I do know how well ArduCopter can handle it in sim, and wish to verify in real life.

probably change the serial protocol or configuration should do it, not sure if it will allow to recovers, or setting GPS_TYPE to 0

ok, so GPS_TYPE should affect the ArduCopter without reboot? - at least one way?(cause loss)

Put auxiliary function “65:GPS Disable” on a switch and use it…

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@peterbarker Thank you ! I totally missed that option.
can you confirm that it will stop using/ignore the NMEA yaw data as well? (not only lat/lon position data) ?

  • or is 105 “GPS Disable Yaw” needed too?

Haaa I didn’t find it ! I was pretty sure we got one