How to shut down without using full left rudder?

I use Stabilised, Loiter, and RTL modes with my TRex 500 heli, using Ardupilot 4.2.1, and am very pleased with the way they behave. But on landing manually in Stab or Loiter modes, when I disarm the model the tail kicks right because the motor’s still spinning at the ESC’s governed rpm. It’s not really a big deal, but is there any way to prevent that by shutting down the motor without using full left rudder? Maybe by switching off governor mode so that zero collective also gives zero throttle?

auxilary function 153 is for arming and disarming using a switch.

Please upgrade to 4.2.2 as there was a bug with autotune that was fixed in 4.2.2. Just want to make sure it doesn’t affect you if you use autotune.

Thank you GeoMuir: I’ll have to read up on how to implement auxiliary functions. At the moment I’ve programmed a switch on my OpenTX transmitter to send a zero-throttle right/left-rudder signal for 3 seconds to work as an arm/disarm switch, so that it mimics the setup on my other fixed-wing aircraft and non-Arudupilot quadcopters. Auxiliary function 153 is going to be a much simpler/better way.

Bill Geyer, I’m always hesitant to ‘upgrade’ any firmware that appears to be working correctly! I don’t use autotune, but I’ll follow your advice to go to 4.2.2 just in case autotune takes my fancy some time in the future. I won’t need to edit any parameters, will I?

@abenn1 generally it is always best to upgrade to the latest point release 4.2.X ( X being the point release) in any major release 4.X. The point release changes are minor and typically fix bugs found in the original major release.

Thank you Bill Geyer :smiley:

I’ve eventually got around to implementing it, with RC7_OPTION = 153. For helicopters it’s a much more elegant way than applying full right or left rudder. I use the same switch for Ch8, with a delay of a few seconds after the arming buzzer before the motor starts.

Thank you.

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