How to set up spline waypoints in 3.2

I posted this to the main thread but maybe here is a better place:

Is there any more up to date info on planning missions? The info here differs somewhat from what I see in APM Planner v2. I’m using rc9 … with-way….
For example:
Does the takeoff command need a lat lon set?
Does land also need a lat lon set?
The wiki says no but when I add this type of waypoint it automatically puts in a lon lat position.
Also it puts a waypoint 0 in NAV:HOME but then my next command is NAV:TakeOff. Since TakeOff has a lat lon set, I’m not sure if it will fly to that location, gradually increasing altitude or if I need to put NAV:TakeOff on top of NAV:HOME.
Also is there anyway to edit this file directly so I can change the NAV:Waypoint to NAV:Spline_Waypoint or is the only solution to do it on a PC using Mission Planner?

I can’t speak much for how APM Planner 2 works. There was a to-do item to add support for spline waypoints.

land will use the lat/lon if provided or it will land at the vehicle’s current location when the land command starts.
take-off never uses the lat/lon provided.

The APM Planner to-do list is linked below so you could add some enhancement or bug fix requests in there:

Thanks Randy. I will make a report. In the mean time I went ahead and tried it and got some very jerky turns. After this I realized it might have been a side effect of setting up the splined waypoints in windows with mission planner but then reading them into APM planner on mac and then I pressed write just in case. In APM Planner they are labeled as OTHER instead of Waypoint so maybe that was the cause of the jerky turns. Here is the video. I will try it again only with mission planner or make sure I don’t load and write back while I’m flying in APM Planner.


It looks like that was the problem. If you do the spline waypoints in mission planner and not APM planner then it works and doesn’t jerk at each waypoint. It’s still not smooth but it’s better.


Here’s the first video from above that didn’t format right. This is where the twitches were.