How to set up PPM input in F405 WING

You are correct I don’t have the transmitter along (at work) so when I took the pictures the receiver isn’t getting any signal.

I might do a short vid with the transmitter on later on when I get home and post it. Maybe y’all can help me figure out what it’s saying with this “little flashes” lol
Actually both of those encoders have flashing LEDs but I haven’t figured out how to prove what their inputting into the board. I do have a local friend with an oscope I might have to take it over there but first I’d have to know what I’m looking for…

my guess is dave @dkemxr is going to take care of your FC? that‘d be perfect!

Happy to help a fellow hobbyist :grinning:

Yeah my bad. I thought I was replying to a PM. Facepalm. but yeah I think that would be the best plan to have somebody who knows what they’re doing help me out