How to Set Negative Pitch to Increase Forward Speed?

What can I do to increase forward speed? Perhaps setting negative pitch somehow?

Just switch it PosHold mode rather than Loiter. You’ll get more speed, but won’t increase it so much where you lose altitude. You can certainly switch to Sport mode…but hold on tight. I personally always fly in PosHold because it is more fun, and yet if I let go the sticks, it takes care of itself still. You can change the SV’s mode button to switch between AltHold and PosHold by default, rather than between Loiter and AltHold.

Thanks . . . and I assume these new settings will be incorporated into a mission outside Tx range?

No. That’s just about manual control.

If you want to go faster in AUTO mode, then you change the desired speed in the command list. It does the leaning for you.