How to reserve board ID (APJ_BOARD_ID) for port to new hardware

I’m going to port ardupilot to Jhemcu GHF420AIO F4 Flight Controller, and I wonder how to reserve id which is used in hwdef.dat/hwdef-bl.dat to make it unique, and avoid problem with marge request.
Thank you in advance

You can do a pull-request with just that change.

No offense, but could you tell me what is the reasoning behind porting AC to a board which has an outdated processor, a single crappy gyro/accel sensor and nothing else that helps with stable and safe flight ?

(besides practicing porting)

just post a pull request against this file:

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The reason is to make possible build very lightweight UAVS like this one also utilizing “low quality”, “outdated” MCU :slight_smile:

The GHF420AIO board, has integrated ESC, having everything what is required to build under 250grams long range copter…

Hope it helps.
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