How to power off motors when RC failsafe is triggered

Hello. I am preparing for an indoor flight competition and I need to make the copter power off when the RC link is lost. How can I do it?

Set the RC failsafe action to flight terminate.

The normal failsafe Radio Failsafe — Copter documentation will not do what you need.

You need to use the Advanced Failsafe Configuration — Plane documentation

Thank you for your helpful suggestion! I tried to find the AFS Paramus but I couldn’t find it on full params tree/list. How can I change it?

Because it’s an ArduPlane parameter.

Oh… how can I do in arducopter?

Ooopss sorry for that. My mistake

You could set an RC channel to RC13_OPTION,31 (kill the motors) then bind the transmitter and receiver with that channel switch in the kill position. On RC loss the RC13 channel should go to the “kill” position.

Some transmitters will need to be set for failsafe as “no pulses” or “channel presets”. Older or cheap transmitters and receivers usually use the “presets” option where the channel outputs revert to exactly how they where when the TX and RX were bound. You would need the presets option for this to work.

Thank you for your reply! but I cannot do that with Futaba T8J and R2008SB… I set failsafe on the controller but PWM signal won’t change when I poweroff the controller. …

I think it is possible by looking at this video Fail Safe - Futaba T8J - YouTube

At 1:54, he shutdown the TX → trigger failsafe and the Servo attached to channel 1 changed position. Similarly, you can make it possible for another channels.